Georgian Bay Métis Council

Since our inception in 1993, Georgian Bay Métis Council [GBMC] has benefited from the direction and wisdom of many dedicated volunteers. We are fortunate in that our area is officially recognized as having the largest concentration of self-identified Metis in all of Ontario. As bound by the Charter with the Métis Nation of Ontario, we speak for Métis citizens in the areas determined by the said Charter – which is all of Simcoe County. These areas can be viewed on the MNO website.

In May of 2008, we moved into our current location at 355 Cranston Crescent in Midland, Ontario. Our President, Senator, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and Councilors manage council affairs. Executive and Councilor positions are determined by community ballot box elections held every 3 years.

We welcome all members of the public to our council meetings, which are held the first Wednesday of every month. Please contact us at 526-6335 to confirm a date if you would like to attend.



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January 17 2015 REGION 7 MEETING FROM 12 NOON TO 5 PM 

At the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre In Midland 



MNO President Gary Lipinski

Metis Legal Council Jason Madden

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